Anna Semenova-Ganz transforms the space of the stage into a museum, questioning the value of archives and their relation to live performance as well as the construct of authorship. She expands the borders of the inherent piece logic and searches for the body inbetwen all these representational structures. The body in pictures, videos, texts or on stage. Do performances need the body or might the imaginative be enough to create a vivid scenery? Can a fake body, a fake history, a fake chronicity get closer to the mechanisms of performance?


Anna Semenova-Ganz,

Da Soul Chung

and Carolin Jüngst |

Dramaturgy: Claudia Lomoschitz

Interface design by Luisa Fabrizi

Anna Semenova-Ganz studied journalism at Moscow State University and developed her artistic approach in semiotic and symbolical languages after education in Institute for Contemporary Art (Moscow), MediaArt Histories course at Donau University (Austria) and Research Academy at Zurich University of the Arts (Switzerland).

Special thanks to Markus Posse, Anton Rudakov

Photos by Christian Scholz