That is the idea of my first digital Performance: I want to generate a Programme for the mobile phone, an App, that performers can use for their choreography on stage.

I will call this Programm Perform App.


This idea came to me, because I have a stepcounter on my phone and it always told me to move. Has anyone a program for running? It tells you: run! You run.  (a bit of singing)Then it looks at your pulse and tells to slow down. You slow down. It tells you to breath deeper! The functions of our bodies are already delegated to digital algorithms.

And I thought maybe on stage it would be nice to have a tool telling you what to do, to control your choreography. Perform App is the application, which will tell you how to perform on the stage, considering your age, weight, temperature, height ... 

And this app will be based on the content of a book called “Choreografischer baukasten” which consists of a set for constructing choreographies. So I had the idea, that actually we just have to make the Choreographische Baukasten digital and then we have all important performance elements included in the App.

The Choreographische Baukasten is written by Prof.Dr. Gabriele Klein who is the head of Performance Studies. And she is here today. Let’s welcome her!


Thank you for visiting my museum!

I really want frau Klein to hire me to make this project real.

Frau Klein, can you remember the interactive movie I made last year? So you know that I’m good with digital stuff. So I actually prepared a proposal paper here I want to give you and maybe we could we talk about this later?! 

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